Posted by: in artwork on August 9th, 2010

Like so many artist there are times in my like where I am struggling to find inspiration for my artwork. Over time I have developed a few techniques that I use to jump-start my creative ideas. I consider these art inspiration ideas a starting point, and by no means an ending point. Sometimes these ideas lead to dead ends, but other times they have led to some of my favorite creations.

1. Start a Journal/Sketchbook – Every waking moment of your like there is potential to find art inspiration. Keeping a journal/sketchbook with you can help you remember life’s situations that give you inspiration. Whether its a simple sentence that generates an image in your head or a quick sketch these simple notes can help give your artwork inspiration! Every once in awhile I will come up with a great unique idea for a unique pastel drawing.

2. Create a list of your likes and dislikes – I feel it is much easier to find art inspiration for my art among subjects that I am passionate about. When I am struggling for art ideas I create a list of 10 subjects I am passionate about. Once I have my list I narrow it down to 2 choices. Among those 2 choices I create more detailed lists of sub categories from that main topic, and many times find art inspiration among those detailed choices.

3. Carry a Camera – I can find no greater inspiration for artwork than real life itself. Whenever possible I carry a camera along with me snapping pictures of interesting shapes, situations, and people! Some of my best selling artwork has been based off of inspiration I got from the real world. I also find that when people buy artwork online they often look for artwork that reminds them of their life and situations they have been in.

4. Recycle – There is nothing that says you cannot reuse your favorite artwork for inspiration. If your objective is to sell your artwork, take one of your favorite pieces of selling artwork and create a series of paintings based upon your original piece of work. Chances are if somebody liked your original piece enough to purchase it, somebody else may be interested in purchasing a similar piece of artwork.

5. Try something different – When all else fails I try something I have never done before. Try using new colors, try changing mediums. This is art we are talking about, there are no rules. Try something you have never done before. In reality art inspiration is all around us from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed, and even in our dreams, we just need to learn to recognize it!