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For many people, the idea of needing a caterer only occurs to them when it comes to big swanky events, such as a wedding reception, and while the majority of Chicago catering companies are in the wedding reception business, they also offer services and menus for other events, such as corporate retreats or even company holiday parties.

If you are a Chicago-area business owner or manager, you know one of the most important ways to start and keep a successful company running smoothly is the morale of the employees and interdepartmental relationships. This can be achieved multiple ways, starting with the contact and communication between supervisors and staff. Low morale among staff leads to low production of the business, which hurts everyone from the top of the company hierarchy on down. It is also important for employees to get along with each other and be on friendly terms. Since your employees all work so closely together, a sense of trust needs to be established, and one of the best ways to build that trust is through corporate retreats. Usually held off site, these retreats are a chance for the employees to relax outside of the business atmosphere and connect in a more laid-back manner. It is also the perfect opportunity for managers to boost morale, whether it’s in the form of fun trust-building exercises or by handing out prizes and gifts that include the company’s logo. But what do you do about food?

Many of these corporate retreats can, and are, held at hotels and last a full weekend. In these instances, the meals are usually provided by the hotel, or attendees eat out at local restaurants. But what if your retreat isn’t a retreat so much as a single day spent off-site discussing the future of the business? Maybe your event isn’t even business related but, instead, is an annual holiday party or perhaps someone is retiring. Whatever your need, there are plenty of corporate party caterers in Chicago to choose from, all of which can accommodate the needs of events of all sizes. Not sure where to find one? Ask around! Chances are other companies in your industry have had at least one catered event and can make a recommendation. You can also just go online and do a quick web search for “event catering Chicago” and get a whole list of caterers in the Chicago area.

It is easy to assume that you only need to worry about catering a party or event if it is happening somewhere other than the office, and while the catering companies are available for those options, it’s also possible to have caterers come into your office and set up in a conference room, if you have one available. Many will also provide the utensils and plates, along with the catered food. All you have to do is provide the space and the people for a perfect catered party.

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As if the economy isn’t bad enough and you don’t already have to struggle, the worst thing imaginable has happened: you have to file for bankruptcy in Milwaukee. This isn’t an easy reality to accept, especially if you have always tried to be very careful and responsible with your money. But even bad things happen to good people, and there are, thankfully, bankruptcy laws in place to protect you from further financial hardship, and plenty of bankruptcy lawyers in Milwaukee County who are there to assist you as you attempt to navigate the bankruptcy process. But before you proceed, first make sure you have no other alternatives to filing for bankruptcy. It might seem as though you don’t have any other choice, and perhaps you don’t, but be sure because bankruptcy will show up on your credit for up to ten years.

If you and your family determine that bankruptcy is the only logical option, the next thing you want to do is find an attorney. While it is possible to file without the assistance of a lawyer, it is not recommended. It is true that hiring a lawyer will mean paying additional fees that you clearly don’t have right now (if you did, chances are you wouldn’t be filing for bankruptcy), but these lawyers are in the business of helping people exactly like you. Because of the significance of filing, you do want to be sure you find and select the best attorney for your situation. This means taking the time to do your research. If you know people who have already filed for bankruptcy, see if they would be willing to make a recommendation. Ask around and visit the websites of various attorneys for more information. Be sure to also find out how much their services will cost you. While some attorneys charge the same flat fee for anyone, others working on a sliding scale and calculate a fee based on the amount of debt you owe. There is also the question of when you will have to pay, as a portion of lawyers require payment up front, but other bankruptcy lawyers – fully aware of the financial situation you are in – are willing to take payment in installments. You want to not only be able to find a bankruptcy attorney you trust and feel comfortable with in regards to your case, you also want to find one who understands and is willing to work with you when it comes to payment.

Even if you don’t live directly in the city of Milwaukee proper, there are plenty of other options for bankruptcy assistance as well, including debt relief agencies in Menomonee Falls, WI and other nearby cities, so no matter where in the Milwaukee metro area you live, there is plenty of bankruptcy help to be found.